More adventures in hand lettering

Over on my other blog (which is soon to become “my old blog”) you may have read my review of Abbey Sy’s wonderful, beautiful book on handlettering, and my admission that I’m far too impatient to have made the most of it on my first attempt. Who hasn’t been there, huh?

Despite my total failure to be instantly good at handlettering, trying Abbey’s book definitely got me hooked on playing with my new calligraphy pens and I spent a merry evening last week trying to get to grips with basic scripts.

What I *wanted* to achieve was something frameable with the words “You’re my best friend”, to remind my husband and I of our first dance at our wedding in June. What I *actually* achieved, as I tried to perfect my “f”s, was a dining table covered in odd bits of paper with the word “friend” all over them, which made me look… well psychotic, to be honest.


Practise, practise, practise. It actually became a bit addictive making those swirly f shapes. And it paid off because next day was Friday – or Friyay as the wonderful woman in the shop where I bought my wedding dress calls it. To be fair, if I spent my days in there I’d be pretty chipper, too (I can’t really complain, I do PR for a museum for god’s sake, it’s hardly roadsweeping).

Anyway, in her honour, I managed a slightly smudgy but definitely respectable “Friyay”. On vellum, no less!


I also managed some hellos – some in script and some in a double lines, sort-of angular font which actually isn’t too far from my own handwriting, but I guess that’s kind of the point, no?


I also found an awesome graphic I’d pinned by Erica McPhee, which I discovered on the Besotted blog, which I think is going to really help:


Do any of you have good resources or inspiration boards you can share with me?

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